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Blizzard Reveals how PvP Will Work in World of Warcraft: Legion

At Blizzcon many details were revealed as to how Legion would change World of Warcraft. Today Blizzard revealed some details about the PvP system and the changes that are going to be made.

In the new post the preview reveals some interesting information about how things will be changing:

“In Legion, Honor and Conquest will no longer be currencies that you use to buy gear from vendors. Instead, characters who have reached maximum level will earn Honor Points from competing in Battlegrounds or Arenas, similar to how lower-level players earn Experience Points. As you earn Honor Points, you will increase your Honor Level, up to the maximum Honor Level of 50. Along the way, you’ll earn a number of rewards, including Gold, Artifact Power, and a brand new set of PvP-only Honor Talents.”

“In Legion, as soon as you zone into a PvP instance, the stats on your gear will be nullified, and you’ll be given a pre-determined set of stats that’s uniquely configured for your specialization. Furthermore, any set bonuses, enchants, Legendary bonuses, or trinket effects will be deactivated (although your Artifact and its related Artifact Powers will remain active).”

As well as the details above, there are also some interesting details. One of these is the fact that seasons will be shorter. What this means for the players is that there will be more of them, meaning more rewards. At the end of these PvP seasons the awards will also be dependent on the top percentages of players in each faction, rather than overall player base.

This is all designed to bring more competition to the game. There are plenty of other details in the preview that gets into much more detail, so be sure to read it if interested.

Are you looking forward to these PvP changes? Let us know your thoughts below.