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Andrew House: PS4’s Success Will Make Developers Feel Confident, Consoles Aren’t Dead

Some renowned analysts have predicted in the past that consoles are about to be extinct, however, the community and our love for gaming have proved them all wrong.

Consoles are alive and well and mobile gaming, although a strong market, isn’t taking over the console market. PlayStation 4’s success is proof that consoles aren’t going anywhere. This not only clears up the clouds of uncertainty, but also gives developers more confidence for developing games for consoles.

According to Sony’s Andrew House, mobile and tablets aren’t the only gaming platforms:

With this generation, we launched against a background of considerable media scepticism about the role of consoles overall. People were saying that consoles were dead, and that mobiles and tablets were the only gaming platforms around. But what I see in the developer and publisher community is a sense of returned confidence. That translates into something great for the gamer, because if developers are feeling confident that there’s a fanbase that wants their content, then they will tend to take more creative risks. They will feel more comfortable about launching brand-new IP, which I think is the life-blood of the industry.

PlayStation 4 has sold over 30 million units and there seems to be no stopping it. Andrew House also said that Sony’s current priority is to keep PlayStation 4 ahead of PlayStation 2. It they manage to keep that up, we are looking at around 150 million lifetime sale.

It’s a massive number and we’ll have to wait and see how things go. However, so far things look great for PS4 and Sony.