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XCOM 2: Unpredictable Elements, Soldier Wounds, Deaths Discussed

The fame that XCOM got earlier was enough to warrant another release, and everyone has been waiting for XCOM 2 eagerly. However, while you wait for the game to release, let us tell you the reasons why the developers think that a greater element of unpredictability is necessary in the game.

Jake Solomon, the creative director for the game at Firaxis, was recently discussing the gameplay mechanics when he was asked if the game is going to follow a similar route as XCOM: Enemy Unknown when it comes to strategies and tactics.

In his reply, he said that although they wanted a mix between the old and the new; the unpopular strategies have been done with and in their place the developers have added better, unpredictable elements:

Part of the joy of strategy, tactical games is that element of encountering a new system and learning it. That’s why we’ve added a lot of unpredictable elements because we need them to take risks. When they take risks, that’s when they create situations that are memorable.

That being said, at least one element is going to stay the same in XCOM 2 and that is the loss of soldiers; if anything, it will be even more central to the game as the developers say that they are “trying to balance the game to the point where players are not going to make it through the game without losing soldiers.”

In doing so, however, they will ensure that they “wrap [the losses] up in such a way that a greater good comes out.” For instance, you lose a soldier but you master the mission.

In XCOM 2, the soldiers are going to stay wounded for “much, much longer” which means you will be rotating them much more often, allowing for a growth in experience for every one of them.

The game releases in February 2016.