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Worlds Adrift Alpha Gameplay Shows Its Potential

Massively multiplayer games appeal to a wide range of audience and no matter who develops it, MMOs get attention from the community.

A new MMO title is currently in development at Bossa Studios and it is called Worlds Adrift. The airborne MMO was announced last year and is in its alpha stage at the moment. The game is coming together nicely as suggested by the new alpha gameplay shared by Bossa Studios.

The technology behind being used for the development of Worlds Adrift allows for an in-depth physics-based gameplay. This may also result in prolonged development time but the final product will surely be something amazing.

Here’s a brief description of Worlds Adrift.

A thousand years ago, a cataclysmic event shattered a world into floating islands scattered across an endless skyline. Civilizations tumbled, societies collapsed, and all seemed lost.

From the rubble emerged ragtag bands of nomads, who fly cobbled-together skyships from island to island, scavenging for resources to keep moving. These are the players of Worlds Adrift: Explorers of a new world and seekers of ancient knowledge.

You can register for Early Access and be among the first ones to try out the game.