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Recently Discovered Method Lets Users Redownload P.T. Demo from PSN

According to a recently discovered method, you can re-download Silent Hills P.T. on a Playstation 4 console.

The method involved is quite simple as it only requires your network to be under a proxy connection. It seems like the game only appears on PSN store only if you downloaded it before, but nothing is certain at this point!

The said method was originally discovered by Orangpelupa from GameXeon forums and requires you to install SUWI followed by a lengthy process which you can find at the forum post.

A Word of Caution:
Do note that we, SegmentNext, do not endorse to download the removed P.T. content using this method! This is for educational purposes only and must be carried out by readers’ own discretion!

Furthermore, note that I have not heard of the proxy software mentioned in the thread before this day and cannot say whether any other popular software will get the job done. However, there are a couple of people on the forum who seem to have downloaded the demo following the said method.

In case this turns out to be true, I cannot imagine Sony to let it be for long.

What is your take on this? Tried doing so to download P.T. or know anyone who did? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section below!

Source: GameXeon Forums.