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Nintendo NX Doesn’t Need to Beat PS4, Xbox One to be Successful: Analyst

One of the hot debates these days is whether the Nintendo NX is going to be able to compete successfully with the already established market share of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while also managing to beat them in the race for attention.

We have had speculations for and against Nintendo’s allegedly hybrid platform, but nothing is certain; and it won’t be until we actually have the console in our hands and it has a bunch of games ready to be played.

However, we can speculate and that is what Matt Diener, a qualitative analyst for EEDAR, has been doing lately. In his opinion, expecting that the success of Nintendo NX will largely depend on how it fares in the competition with PS4 and Xbox One, is wrong.

He thinks that thanks to Nintendo’s different approach towards game making, it doesn’t even have to compete with others:

I don’t think the NX needs to compete against the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to be successful. Nintendo has a history of doing things its own way, and that’s partially what’s allowed it to deliver excellent, oddball experiences like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker completely out of left field. When this experimentation works, as it did so well for the Wii, DS, and 3DS, it has paid dividends for Nintendo – but, unfortunately, when you take big risks, you’re going to have a few missteps along the way.

His claim is true to some extent, but then we have the commercial element i.e. how many developers can Nintendo attract. If they fail to bring a handsome number of developers on board, Nintendo NX will also fail to impress many just like Wii U.

Diener agrees with that too, he says that the company “needs to focus on delivering a clever, Nintendo-only experience while enticing third-party developers to port major releases onto it,” in order to be successful.

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