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Napster App is Coming to Wii U

There are so many music services on the Internet that it is often easy to forget that Napster still exists. It appears that Nintendo are one company who must be a fan of the service, as they are providing Wii U users with access to the service through their console.

Nintendo Europe today announced that they have joined in partnership with Napster to bring the service to the Wii U. It will be available through the Nintendo eShop from December 17. Thile the app itself will be available for free, the Napster subscription itself will come at a cost. You’ll also need to be on the Napster Unlimited service to be able to use it through the console.

Offering over 34 million tracks, Napster is still a world leading subscription-based digital music service, or so the press release states. While services such as Spotify seem more popular, it will be interesting to see how Napster is accepted by Wii U users. The fact the Gamepad can be used to find the songs and albums you want to listen to.

As well as separate songs, there will also be radio stations that are also selectable through the Gamepad. These will be curated by genre, artist, theme and mood. There will also be special Napster Playlists where Napster’s music “experts” put together selections of songs.

Users of Napster who have the app on their phones, tablets or PC will also be able to create libraries of their favourite tracks which will also be available for use on the Wii U. The functionality of the app sounds impressive, now it just has to catch the interest of the users.

What do you think of the Napster app? Will you be using it? Let us know your thoughts on it below.