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Kingdom Hearts 3 Devs Currently Helping With Final Fantasy VII

It looks like Kingdom Hearts 3 developers have some free time on their hand as they are helping out with Final Fantasy VII Remake. Since both teams are using Unreal Engine 4, it made sense to ask for help from a team that has been working with it on Kingdom Hearts 3 for years.

Hopefully, this won’t halt the progress of the long in development title. The news of their involvement with the project came from Famitsu Magazine, where the game was featured on the cover. In addition to this, some details were also revealed via a leaked copy of the magazine.

First off, players will be able to explore various areas of Midgar. Moreover, thanks to their multi-part approach with the Remake’s release, developers will be able to provide more depth to characters like Biggs, Wedge and Jessie.

Square Enix has finalized the amount of episodes Final Fantasy VII is going to have, but they aren’t ready to share the details just yet. Online features won’t be discussed for the time being as well.

The ATB Gauge and limit break system will be different but more details on that aren’t available. However, we are told that they will change depending on your playing style.

Final Fantasy VII is a PlayStation 4 console exclusive and is expected to hit the market sometime in 2016. When Sony announced the game at E3, keeping Square’s track record in mind, it was assumed that it will take a long time before we’ll get to play the title.

But it looks like they are on track for a 2016 release, the company recently told us that the first part of the game is already complete; meaning we can expect the first episode to release in the near future.