Hidetaki Miyazaka Says Dark Souls Secrets Have All Been Discovered

One of the things about Dark Souls that keeps fans going back to it is the hunt for secrets that haven’t been discovered yet. It appears though that finally, after four years all the secrets have been discovered.

In the upcoming edition of Edge magazine the game director Hidetaka Miyazaki says that he is confident that all the secrets have been discovered:

“Well, there aren’t any undiscovered items, or specific bits of gameplay,” he says. “But Dark Souls is in some ways an incomplete game, and I like to think that it has been completed by players, by their discoveries, as they moved along. I’d love to say that the nature of this incompleteness was completely deliberate, but it is both deliberate and by accident, in different ways.”

He also revealed that during development of the games he likes to think of the different ways players can enjoy the experience:

“I am conscious of that when I make these games: I try to make a game that has beautiful open spaces, gaps, room for players to enjoy it in ways that were not authored,” he says. “I never want it to be where you have to follow the rules completely, where you have to do things exactly as the designers intended.

“I like to think that this way of creating – leaving spaces – is satisfying. So if there are incomplete aspects of Dark Souls 3, please forgive us. When the player is inside the world of the game, there are various places where they feel they may be able to peek behind the curtain, pry open a window and see beyond.”

With Dark Souls 3 being the last game of the series players will be hoping that this is the best yet. Hopefully Miyazaki will put plenty of secrets in this one to keep fans playing it for as many years as they did with the original.

Do you still revisit Dark Souls searching for its secrets? Let us know your thoughts below.