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Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Could be a Sci-fi Military Game, So Business as Usual?

Now that Hideo Kojima has officially started his own studio speculation has begun on his new games. While information slowly begins to be revealed not much on the games has been spoken of yet.

One good examination of possible future games though has been featured on WCCFTech. Based on the job vacancies available on the Kojima Productions website a number of interesting job descriptions have been noticed.

One is for a Weapon & Mechanical Artist which will be focused on 3D model production of weapons, vehicles and gadgets. Here is what the job requires:

Business content
Weapons, gadgets, vehicles, 3D model production, such as mechanical

Experience not required, but desirable
Rich knowledge in mecha and military field

With Kojima’s history of games like Metal Gear Solid, this listing comes as no surprise. The next job of interest is the Animator:

Business content
Production of animation in-game, and cut-scene

Experience not required, but desirable
Rides and mechanical, monsters such as, production knowledge of a wide range of animation that is not limited to the person, and experience

Add to that the Programmer description and things start to come together:

Business content
Implementation of behavior with development or that of the crowd AI system

Experience not required, but desirable
– Any of the development experience of the following system
– Crowd AI, character AI
– Character animation system
– Event control system in RPG (flag management, conversation, etc.)
– File load management around, asset management around
– Integrated into the middleware and drivers title (built-in)
– Sound programming

So adding these jobs together (as well as some others) we see that he is working on a Sci-fi game based in a military setting with RPG elements which will be using the Crowd AI system. Add all this together and it makes for an interesting Kojima game.

Will this be the first game that we get? Who knows, it is a very speculative summation of the jobs that need to be filled. Fans of games like Metal Gear Solid though may feel reasonably comfortable with the thought that even if he can’t make a game based on that franchise he can create something new, but similar to the game he created.

What do you think Kojima’s new game will be? Let us know in the comments section below.