Hideo Kojima, Sony Announce Partnership; New Studio Starts Hiring

We reported to you a couple of hours ago on very serious rumors that Sony and Hideo Kojima might be in talks regarding opening a new studio and a new partnership. Things have come far from there, Kojima Productions, a new independent studio has been launched and Sony has also officially announced their partnership!

The video above features Andrew House, the group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment “announcing a new partnership with one of the most celebrated game developers in history,” under the new studio with the same name as the old one that Kojima had with Konami.

Sitting with Hideo Kojima, House calls him someone who has had a major role to play in the history of PlayStation as well as “one of the most creative talents in the history of game” – now that is the way you treat a legend!

In all this, the best part is that House made the announcement in Japanese which I didn’t know he was so good at.

That being said, Kojima has announced that the first project (I wish he gave us a name) he is working on is laying the foundations of a new franchise in collaboration with PlayStation.

It looks like Hideo Kojima has decided to make a point with full force; a new website of Kojima Productions has been launched and it comes with the most extensive list of job openings I have seen together for a while. In total, he is hiring about two dozen professionals ranging from artists, to programmers, and from concept artists to designers.

So far, neither Sony nor Hideo Kojima has revealed what their first project together is going to be, but I am sure it is going to be something that Konami will wish they had their name on.

Stay tuned for more on Kojima Productions.