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Hideo Kojima Shares Kojima Productions Logo, Explains Its Meaning

Hideo Kojima, the legendary developer behind Metal Gear Solid and the success of Konami, has officially left the company. The steady stream of rumors coming in for the past few months is finally going to end, and at last we know what Kojima’s future looks like.

Kojima-San announced his independent studio in a new video alongside Sony’s Andrew House. It was revealed that Kojima is working on a new game for PlayStation 4.

This is massive news for Sony and its platform but it is not at all surprising. Sony and Kojima have a long history and it was being speculated for the beginning that they will join forces, which we now know is indeed the case.

Finally, Kojima is free to develop whatever he wants and we are expecting great things from the man. There will be some time before Kojima Productions share what its new project is about, but whenever it does, don’t expect to see the same old FOX logo for Kojima Productions.

It belonged to Konami and is now a part of history. Metal Gear creator has shared the brand new logo for his studio and I have to say, it is better than any of us expected.

Kojima also explained what the logo means and stands for.

Fitting logo for Kojima Productions.

We can’t wait to see what Kojima does with the PS4 exclusive. Do you think a new stealth game or is horror genre more suitable as his first game?