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Famicom R.O.B, Ryu and Roy Amiibo Release Dates Revealed

In Nintendo’s latest video update they revealed the new characters coming to Super Smash Bros. As well as this information, they also revealed the Amiibos that will also be released to go with the latest additions.

Today Destructoid are reporting are reporting that the release dates for the Amiibos have been revealed. The ones coming to the West include Famicom R.O.B (previously unavailable to the West), Ryu and the Roy Amiibo. These will be available in US from March 18, 2016.

On the Nintendo Direct presentation, the company confirmed that all Super Smash Bros characters will be getting their Amiibos. This means that Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta will be getting their own figurines too. Destructoid also revealed that the next wave of Amiibos coming in January will include Lucas, Mr. Resetti, Blathers, Kicks, Celeste, and Shovel Knight (which is already available in Europe).

A Gold Mega Man is expected to be available in February, with March seeing the ones already mentioned above. In addition Wolf Link & Midna, Timmy & Tom Nook , and Kap’n are still expected in the future.

With all of these Amiibos on their way fans of the figurines should be happy, but I’m sure their wallets won’t be. Hopefully the supply that Nintendo provide will live up to the expectations of fans. Though I’m sure there will be some that the company want to be more collectable so will have a more limited release.

Are you looking forward to all the new Amiibos? Let us know your thoughts below.