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Super Smash Bros Data Mining Reveals Some Interesting Cloud Spoilers

Now that we know that Cloud is coming to Super Smash Bros there is no doubt that people want to know more details about his introduction. It appears that some data mining may have revealed some secrets, which you can see below.

As these have not yet been revealed they are obviously spoilers, so if you want to experience Cloud’s introduction to the game yourself then you should stop reading now. If you want to find out what has been discovered though, read on.

As these were found after the latest maintenance on Super Smash Bros, we’ll probably be seeing them on the Nintendo Direct video presentation. With Cloud being such a popular character players are no doubt looking forward to seeing him in action.

Nintendo Inquirer have revealed a lot of information about Cloud in Super Smash Bros, including his victory video which was posted on Twitter:

The news item also includes Cloud’s stage music as well as his victory soundtrack. Below you can see Cloud’s costumes:

Included with the costume are also two new Square Enix Mii Customer, a Chocobo and Geno hat.


While data mined information is interesting to look at and does provide some clues as to what will be coming to Super Smash Bros we also have to remember that they are just fragments of data. We’ll officially see everything put together when Cloud is officially available, which is obviously how Nintendo want it to be.

Are you looking forward to seeing Cloud come to Super Smash Brothers? What do you think of the images, video and music that’s been found? Let us know your thoughts below.