Rumor: Data Miners Gain Access to Information Related to Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

Data Miners are a pain for developers with secrets; they often gain access to unannounced information and leak it online for the world to see. They are at it again and this time it looks like information related to tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct Event has been leaked.

Well, at least that’s what the data miner is claiming to have done and says his leak is “101% real.” He datamined an update for Smash Bros. that went live earlier.

I haven’t followed Nikki so I can’t comment on this guy’s track record, but judging by the level of discussion over the internet for this data mining, it seems he is known for leaking such information.

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Direct Event is just a few hours away and we will know for sure how much of this information is true.

What is your take on Data Mining? Don’t they ruin surprises for us?