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Hideo Kojima in Talks with Sony About Forming a New Studio?

The next chapter of the Hideo Kojima story may be opening, and we may have a clue of where he will be working next. As this is a breaking story though, and not confirmed it can only be treated as one of the latest in a long running set of rumours.

Based on news reported on Japanese gaming website Nikkei it appears that Hideo Kojima is working with Sony to form a new studio with some other former employees of Kojima Productions. If this is true, this will be huge news for the gaming industry, and hopefully the end of his troubles with Konami.

As is usual with stories around Kojima and Konami though we’ll have to wait for confirmation on this. The last we heard from Konami was that he was merely on “holiday” from the company. Fans of the games industry icon though will no doubt be hoping that this news is true.

The downside of this of course is that with Konami having the rights to Metal Gear Solid, it is unlikely that we’ll see another game from the series featuring Kojima. Not anytime soon at least, unless some big amounts of money change hands to get the rights to the game. It is highly doubtful though that Konami would give up the rights to the game.

If this rumour appears to be true, and the split has finally been confirmed we’ll be sure to hear more of this in 2016. It will be interesting to see what Hideo Kojima will move onto now and what Sony’s connection to the studio will bring. Whatever comes of this, it will be interesting to watch.

What are your thoughts of Kojima working with Sony? Is this good news for the gaming industry? Let us know your thoughts below.