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GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals Update Goes Live, Adds Tons of New Things

There’s no better way to spend Christmas than being an anti-social gamer playing GTA Online. I mean, what could possibly top the madness that ensues every time you enter the servers!

Rockstar apparently agrees to this, which is why they’ve just made the Christmas 2015 update live. The massive update is aptly named as ‘Executives and Other Criminals,’ and you can start downloading it right now.

The update adds tons of new things, from awesome yachts that literally cost millions to new helicopters and more. You also get the SecuroServe gameplay that has been added to the Freemode, and additional functions for VIPs, such as VIP abilities, VIP Work, and VIP Challenges.

Of course, all this also comes with a huge set of bug fixes and minor tweaks to gameplay to make the experience better.

If you have the stamina and time to read through the massive notes and list of changes, you can check out the official update notes published by Rockstar.

This expansion will update your GTA V copy to version 1.15, and GTA Online to version 1.31. It’s arguably the biggest and most noticeable update for GTA Online, and will likely give an excuse to many users to come back and sell their souls to GTA Online (once again). It’s the perfect Christmas gift for many!