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Fallout 4 Underwater Locations Completely Mapped

One thing that has been intriguing tons of Fallout fans are the extensively built underwater locations in Fallout 4 which came into attention after we shared with you an accidental exploration into one region by a user – there is a whole video to it that you can see here.

Anyhow, since there are a number of things with considerable attention to detail under the water, one user decided to figure out exactly what is there to be found.

The person in question has uploaded hundreds of pictures from all the locations to Imgur, which you can check out by hitting this link. Other than that, he has a number of videos on his YouTube that show off all the areas where you can explore underwater. Check out the videos here.

Above all, the player has made a map pinpointing everything there is to explore, we have added it below for you to see.

Fallout 4 Underwater

However, don’t think you are going to get insanely rich by picking up the secret treasures down there because there aren’t any, although you can get some loot as the guy says:

If it is a ton of loot you are looking for you will not find it here. There is some loot to be found but a colossal amount like you may wish. There are various red and green chest in water along with various other items.

“From the smallest of puddles to the depths of the ocean floor,” it takes about 30 hours to do nearly 100 percent exploration of the underwater regions, he says.

Fallout 4 fans are definitely going to try this out because although one person says there is only some loot, the attraction of the unknown always gets the better of us.

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