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Dying Light: The Following’s Map Will Be Double the Size of the Original Map

The Following is coming to Dying Light and is promising to be a big slice of DLC for the game. So big in fact that it caused a change to the price of the DLC and Season Pass.

Today WCCTech posted more information about Techland’s latest DLC, which they managed to get from the developers themselves. With the game coming February 6, 2016 fans are obviously wanting to know what they will be spending their money on.

One question they asked was the size of the map for Dying Light: The Following and how it is bigger than all of the areas of the original game map combined, their response to this was:

“We haven’t measured the new area exactly. Though a quick look shows us there is enough space to take the 2 main maps from Dying Light and fit them into The Countryside at least twice.”

One worry that was raised was if the addition of the dune buggy vehicle could cause issues with the parkour feel of the game, Techland replied with:

“There are areas of the map where parkour is still essential and a key tool to your survival. We know fans loved the parkour so were making sure it’s still a crucial element. The dirt buggy is something new when it comes to getting around, while parkour will be the familiar favourite which equally has a place in Dying Light: The Following.”

The size of the map is definitely going to add an interesting element to the game, as will the vehicles. It is good to know though that there will still be a focus on parkour, as this is one of the things that definitely makes the game stand out.

Are you looking forward to Dying Light: The Following? Does the price change affect your decision to buy it? Let us know your thoughts below.