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Destiny Class Boosters Available for $30 Each

Destiny Class Boosters are now being sold separately on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4 users as well as the Xbox Store for the Xbox One users.

If you check out either of the listings, you will see three types of Class Booster add-ons being sold on both the stores, one for each of the classes.

You can choose from Level 25 Hunter Pack, Level 25 Titan Pack or Level 25 Warlock Pack; each one of them is going to cost you $30. That being said, the contents of the pack also include some additional features. Here’s the official description:

This consumable pack contains a Level 25 boost for one Hunter /Titan/ Warlock, a Subclass Boost, and Telemetries. This item is nonrefundable. Requires full version of Destiny to use.

That being said, it is not clear so far whether the Subclass Boost is going to apply to just one Subclass or or all of them. It is also not clear as to what level the boost will push up the Subclass.

The first and the foremost thing that fans have noted about the Destiny Class Boosters is that Bungie is really charging the community a lot for them. $30 for one of these add-ons and if you want a class booster for the other three classes too it would cost you $90!

Moreover, the add-on just popped up on the stores a couple of hours ago so don’t be mad at us if it shows up late on your regional version of the store.

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Coming back to the Destiny Class Boosters, don’t you think the price needs to be reduced a little? Let us know what you think in the comments below.