Battlefield 4: BF2 Map Dragon Valley, Holiday Patch Live

If you are still playing Battlefield 4, you would be happy to know that EA is working even now to keep things smooth and fresh for you. In order to keep things smooth they have released a new patch and accompanied it by a new take on the good old Dragon Valley map to add a little freshness.

Longstanding fans of the series will remember Dragon Valley map from Battlefield 2 which made it insanely popular among the community. It has also been high in demand for a while, and now the time has come when you get to play it.

The map has been released as a part of the Legacy Operations downloadable content pack; here’s what it is about:

If you played Battlefield 2, you remember Dragon Valley – it was a huge map, with a massive temple, destructible bridges, and wide, open spaces. And now, with the release of the Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations DLC, you can experience the new take on the classic map in Dragon Valley 2015.

That being said, the map is going to support about eight game modes and will be free for PS4, Xbox One and PC provided that you have the base game with you.

Also keep in mind that the patch titled the Holiday Update is “an automatic download to your platform, and is required to continue playing Battlefield 4 and the new Legacy Operations DLC.”

There are a number of general bug fixes that the update will make to Battlefield 4 alongside improvements to Squad Obliteration and changesto capture The Flag – Russian MRAP.

Other than this, the Holiday update will bring a horde of changes to weapons and gadgets alongside anti-air infantry, vehicles, netcode, servers, Battlelog, Operation Outbreak and Operation Locker maps changes.

You can read up on the entire patch notes for the Battlefield 4 Holiday Update here.