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Activision Sued Over Fantasy Sports Software Patent Infringement

As Activision extend their gaming empire, there is always a chance of other companies not being appreciative of some of their ventures. This appears to be what is happening, as they are being sued for copyright infringement.

Polygon are reporting that a texas-based company, Virtual Gaming Technologies, LLC have filed the case against Activision Blizzard in the U.S District Count for the Eastern District of Texas. They claim that the company have infringed their patents on “real-time interaction systems” that are used for fantasy sports games. This is interesting for gamers, as it hints to the fact that Blizzard may be making a move into fantasy sports, something they have not touched on yet.

Virtual Gaming are claiming that Activision are using processes that were invented by William Junkin, whose patents are owned by the company. They are licensed to other companies which inludes the likes of EA, Konami, Microsoft and Sony.

“A large percentage of our users, when they play, are watching their team and their opponents [sic] team, and it gets very exciting with everything updating live and as fast as possible,” Mark Nerenberg, chief product officer of, said in a statement included in the filing.

“Fantasy sports has become a $27 billion business due to the excitement provided by advanced interactive gaming systems such as those invented by Mr. Junkin,” the lawsuit says.

With the licensed software using the processes are part of the fantasy sports area of gaming, which is a fast growing industry on the internet it is obvious that Virtual Gaming would react in this way. Now it will be up to Activision to fight against the case.

What are your thoughts on Activision’s possible move into fantasy sports? Let us know below.