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PlayStation Comment on the Future of PlayStation VR

It’s fair to say that PlayStation VR got a big boost at the PlayStation Experience. With plenty of titles promised and even more shown like the 100ft Robot Golf, there are interesting days to come.

With the positive vibes around the new headset at the moment it comes as no surprise that Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s President is confident about the future of PlayStation VR. As he revealed in a new interview with Game Informer which also included the director of PlayStation Magic Lab Richard Marks.

For most gamers, the next few years will be important to the future of Virtual Reality, so Richard Marks’ comments on where VR will be in the next 5 to 10 years are interesting:

“In five years what you’ll see is some of these things will have been established and people will know this is a good thing to do in this space. There will probably some other kinds of things that are not game-related that will also have become popular by then and established. I’m not sure what there will be, our focus is to push forward on the gaming front and keep aware of what’s going on the other spaces and make sure our platform can be compatible with them.”

In 10 years, we may even see the next step in VR technology:

“Then 10 years… 10 years is I think when you’ll see, we may be at the end of five years or maybe 10 years, is when you’ll see another step change in technology that makes some things pretty much fundamentally different. But those are really hard to predict.”

Perhaps most importantly, Yoshida commented on when we may learn the price of the system:

“As a company, we’re working on the price-point and what’s in the box and the launch lineup and, of course, launch day, and we have yet to be ready to announce them. We are still saying the first half of 2016 and the price of PS VR might be similar to the cost of a new console, so that’s as much as we are saying as of today.”

So when we finally get PlayStation VR in our homes, and if it is the success that PlayStation hope then the future is looking interesting for VR. We just have to see it in action in real world scenarios to see the proof.

What are your thoughts on PlayStation VR? Did the PlayStation Experience create more hope for it?