Microsoft Presently has no Plans to Release Rare Replay on Wii U

Earlier this weekend, Microsoft took to its official Twitter feed to announce that as of now, it has no plans to bring any of its titles to Wii U console with the sole exception of Minecraft.

The announcement was made following a suggestive tweet from Microsoft implying that the company is inclined towards bringing Xbox One title Rare Replay on Nintendo’s Wii U.

“We appreciate all your suggestions!” said Microsoft in a tweet. “However, we have no information of any games coming to the Wii U other than Minecraft at this time.”

As for the suggestive tweet in question, someone asked whether it is possible to have Rare Replay on Nintendo’s console and in response, Microsoft said that the interested fans should bring it to Microsoft-owned UK-based developer Rare:

While this does not confirm anything, it is safe to assume that Microsoft is not against the idea of bringing Rare Replay on Nintendo’s console. Another interesting thing to note here is that the recent tweet reads ‘at this time’. Does this mean that the company might make an announcement sometime later down the road? We do not know as of this instant!

Originally announced at E3 2015 and released on Aug. 04, 2015; Rare Replay is a collection of 30 classic games including Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, and more on Xbox One.

Let us just assume that Rare Replay will eventually get a release date on Wii U, what other Microsoft games would you love to see coming on Nintendo’s console? Let us know in the comments section below!