Halo 5 Video Shows the December Update’s Forge Mode in Action

Halo 5: Guardians has been doing quite well since launch, but 343 wants to make sure the game doesn’t lose its charm too soon. The Xbox One exclusive is set to acquire some new features, namely the Daily Awards for deserving players, and the Forge.

We’ll tackle the less complicated stuff first, which are the daily prizes. These are basically awards that are given by winning the match in Arena or Warzone. You can receive daily two Requisition Card packs if you’re on a roll.

The Forge on the other hand is a more complex addition that adds a lot of depth. It’s introduced with the Cartographer’s Gift DLC. The Forge is basically a handy tool or editor that players can use to create their own world and welcome other players. For a console game, this is certainly a big deal, and something very fresh.

You can check out the video above to see how the Forge mode works, and what kind of creative and whacky maps you can come up with. It’s a lengthy but well-worth-it demonstration, so make sure you have 30 odd minutes to spare.