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Half Life 3 Makes Appearance on Steam – Valve Says ‘It Ain’t Us’

Half Life 3 is pretty much an urban myth in the video-gaming industry. Time and time again, hints and desperate conspiracy theories of the game’s existence (let alone development) have surfaced, but like all things ill and misleading, someone somewhere in the Valve department has always stepped up to shun them away.

One such hint came a few days ago when fans saw that Half Life 3 was listed on Steam. Most jumped and screamed in excitement, but the more level-headed among us found this fishy from the start. After all, it’s not exactly the kind of way one would expect Valve to reveal the existence of arguably the most coveted game in the industry.

One particular fan was perturbed enough by this reveal to actually write to Marc Laidlaw and ask him straight up whether or not this rather dull reveal held any truth to it. The producer was pretty concise with his reply, responding with a sweet and emotionally dense email saying, “it ain’t us.”

Marc Laidlaw definitely needs to write a book or something.

On a serious note, it’s difficult to say why any other ‘company’ would actually list Half Life 3 on the site.

Either folks are in a troll mood and want to trigger the sensitive bones in all Half Life fans to extract a few laughs, or someone, somewhere wants Marc Laidlaw to combat these new rumors with rich statements as the one aforementioned.

Regardless, it’s time for us fans to take off the tin foil hat for this one and accept it as it is: a hoax.