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Get Blue Xbox One 1TB Forza Edition and Fallout 4 at £300

The Xbox One Forza Edition was unveiled by Microsoft at the 10th anniversary of the Forza franchise. However, if you are a fan of the racing simulator who is looking to get the special edition console, you could get it for a discount alongside Fallout 4 if you want.

Argos, the UK based retailer, is selling the 1TB blue limited edition console alongside a copy of Forza Motorsport 6 and the insanely popular Fallout 4 for £300 only!

Previously, the Xbox One Forza Edition console has been selling separately for that price which means getting this bundle is the same as getting a copy of Fallout 4 for free alongside the rest. The listing of the blue Forza Edition bundle reads:

With more than 450 cars to collect, customize and race on 26 world-famous environments, Forza 6 is the most comprehensive racing game of its generation. Experience breathtaking graphics at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. Wet weather, 3D puddles and night racing test your driving skills, while 2-player split-screen racing, 24-player races and realistic Drivatar opponents deliver packed tracks and unrivaled action.

Do remember that in order to get to the Fallout 4 offer you will have to scroll down to see “Special Offers” that are being made by the retailer.

Alongside the Fallout 4 offer, you can get the Forza Edition console with the Skylanders SuperChargers Xbox One Starter Pack for £322.99, Need For Speed for £334.99, or choose from a selection of products on the retailer’s website.

Microsoft is not the only one that is getting interesting deals from retailers like this one. Recently, we reported on a deal where a PS4 bundle with the Nathan Drake Collection is being offered alongside a Samsung 58″ HDTV for $800 only.

Coming back to the Xbox One deal, we have not been told how long will it last, but it would be advisable that you get your hands on it while you still can, deals vanish quicker than they appear.