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Fable Legends 2015 Release Seems Unlikely As Microsoft Remains Silent

Microsoft and Lionhead studios have been suspiciously quiet for an unnerving amount of time regarding Fable Legends.

The much anticipated spinoff of the Fable series of games attracted a lot of attention for its brilliant Unreal Engine 4 powered visuals and attractive, colorful fantasy gameplay (not to mention it being completely free-to-play), but the worrying silence from publisher Microsoft has left folks wondering whether we’ll see the game this year at all.

As time goes on, it seems to be likely that Fable Legends will be pushed to a first quarter of 2016 release date. Gameinformer directly inquired via email, requesting an update from Microsoft, to which the firm replied with a rather generalized statement,

“As a service-based game in the closed beta, we are constantly working to make sure that when we open Fable Legends to the world, it will be a good gameplay experience. We will continue to expand our closed beta and share more details in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!”

Sadly, ‘coming weeks’ isn’t exactly a great way to put things. It’s quite evident though from the reply that Microsoft and Lionhead studios feel that the game is not ready to be released to the public, with the current focus being on balancing the co-operative play and extensive beta testing.

Fable Legends is a multiplayer, online-based action-adventure game that is a spinoff of the much-acclaimed Fable series of video-games. The title was expected to be released this year for Xbox One and PC, but seems like it will almost certainly be pushed forward to a first quarter or early 2016 release.