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Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Restocked at Target – Get Yours Now!

With Christmas holidays coming in a few weeks time, those of you who are looking to get your hands on Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, online retailer Target has it in stock right now!

Available for only $149.99, there is no knowing for how long the stock will last — I’d hurry up if I were you! In addition to this, there is free shipping, but in select regions. You can also use ‘TGTDYW6F’ as a promo code and get $4.99 off at the checkout.

Last month, Microsoft announced that the controller’s demand largely exceeded the company’s expectation and that they were trying to restock the item before the Christmas holidays.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is highly customizable with adjustable triggers as found on scuf-controllers, but at a pretty reasonable price point. In addition to this, it has a revamped D-pad which is ideal for playing fighting titles such as Mortal Kombat X.

Are you looking forward to buy Xbox One Wireless Elite controller? Let us know in the comments section below!