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Report: Blizzard Making Major Changes to StarCraft 2 World Championship Series of

Blizzard is reportedly making radical changes to Starcraft 2 World Championship Series. According to a new report, Blizzard has got in touch with some organizations under Korean eSports Association (KeSPA) and organisations with South Korean players and asked them to be ready for major changes in the next season.

WCS is going to be divided into two, WCS Global and WSC Circuit.

South Korean Global StarCraft League (GSL) and StarCraft 2 StarLeague (SSL) will come under WCS Global. Meanwhile, WCS Circuit will handle events organized by Red Bull, Intel Extreme Masters, and DreamHack. North Korean players are going to be allowed to compete in WCS Circuit, but only if they have a work or P1 athletic visa for North America and Europe.

If any of them have a tourist visa, they will not be allowed to compete in such events. Moreover, top eight players from WCS Global and the top eight from the WCS circuit would form the final 16 who’ll compete in the WCS Finals.

Sources also mentioned TakeTV, the HomeStory Cup, competitions were originally planned to be part of the WCS Circuit component as well. However, Dennis “TaKe” Gehlen rejected the idea saying that South Korean players would be excluded from his event if he is a part of the circuit.

Blizzard confirmed these changes but news should arrive soon. We’ll let you as soon Blizzard decided to comment on the story.

For the time being, take this with a grain of salt of the side, but feel free to let us know what you think to such changes in the discussion box below.

Source: Brietbart