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Nintendo NX Could Have the Weirdest Controller Ever, Patent Application Spotted

Nintendo Wii U is pretty much a failure and Nintendo has now started to look to the future, and the future is Nintendo NX. The new platform from Nintendo is still a mystery but over the past few months details started to pop-up.

The latest to arrive is a patent related to NX controller and if it actually is what the final build would be like, the controller is going to unlike anything we have seen before.

Imagine a controller with a screen on it, remove all the buttons and joysticks from the layout area and place a screen from end to end. Now place transparent joysticks through the screen of the controller. It is a really strange layout and it looks like Nintendo isn’t ready to give-up the Gamepad screen design from the Wii U.

The screen is embedded into the controller’s body and you can see holes coming through the screen. We don’t know how Nintendo will manage this as your fingers would definitely cover some part of the screen, which can be a problem.

This controller will also have its own RAM, GPU and CPU.

nintendo-nx (2)

What’s really cool about this controller is that it can act as a handheld. Meaning it is a controller for the console, and a handheld on its own.

Of course this is a feature that may not be in the final product, however, the concept is unique and has our attention.

Companies file such patents all the time but since Nintendo is planning to reveal the console next year, there is a pretty good chance this may be the final NX controller design.

In my opinion, Nintendo should keep things simple and focus more on games. Wii U failed due to lack of third party hardcore games and if Nintendo doesn’t get developers to show interest in their new platform, NX is bound to fail. The company must change its current image and target a wider range of audience with its games.

You can’t rely on Mario Kart and Pokemon forever, Nintendo!