ARK: Survival Evolved Coming to Xbox One Game Preview Next Week

No developer has managed to make its Dinosaur game as engaging as Ark: Survival Evolved is. It doesn’t matter when you visit Steam, it is always in the top ten most played games on the platform.

Still in early access, the game is now making its way to Xbox One Game Preview next week. Studio Wild Card announced its arrival on console recently and revealed that it will be sold for $34.99 as an early access product.

In an interview with Major Nelson, one of the devs claimed that although their game don’t a have a good reputation for being optimized on PC, they are working hard to make sure optimization isn’t a problem on Xbox One.

Ark is going to be the fourth game available on Microsoft’s Game Preview program, where developers are allowed to sell their games in early access. There were only three games available before including Layers of Fear, Sheltered, and The Long Dark.

Developers are confident that the game will run well on Xbox One and they can complete its development until summer 2016. You can know more about the Xbox One version from the audio podcast above.