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Why I Can’t Wait for Far Cry Primal!

It was in 2004 when Crytek made and Ubisoft published Far Cry came out for Microsoft Windows. Fast forward to 2015 and four major titles , five spinoffs and one live action movie later Far Cry franchise has become one of the most prominent names in the gaming industry.

Up till the release of Far Cry 4 in 2014 it was quite clear that all the games in the series seem to follow more or less a pretty standard formula, i.e a sandbox in an exotic setting, a reluctant hero who suddenly finds himself in the thick of things and has to survive while facing not only the hostile presence of his well funded, well armed and quite resourceful enemies but the environment with all its flora and fauna often provides an equal challenge.

With the announcement of Far Cry: Primal it seems Ubisoft Montreal have decided to come out of their comfort zone and shake things up a little.

No sooner, I would say, since even when I enjoyed Far Cry 4 quite a lot I just couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that it seemed more like an expansion of Far Cry 3 than a completely new game in its own right.

However as soon as I saw the first teaser trailer of Far Cry Primal I knew that instant tat my prayers had been answered. Far Cry: Primal , it seems, is that proverbial breath of fresh air that the long term fan of the franchise had been waiting for.

The biggest change from the Far Cry formula in Primal is its Stone-Age setting and mere introduction of the setting has changed the dynamics of the world significantly from what we have always known.

No firearms, no internal combustion engine powered vehicles, no radio towers… but the lack of technology never could stop Fred and Wilma from enjoying their lives and it will not stop our main protagonist Takkar either.

The grasslands of fictional Oros are supposed to be our hunting grounds in Far Cry: Primal, teeming with wooly mammoths and cave bears and ferocious saber toothed tigers, but calling Oros a ‘hunting ground’ would be selling it short.

Hunting for resources has always bee an important game play mechanic in Far Cry games serving both as the means of upgrading the main protagonist’s gear as well as serving as ready cash. In Primal it appears to be the dominating feature.

Takkar isn’t merely a hunter. He is a Beastmaster with the power to ‘tame’ animals , including dangerous predators, and use them for anything from remote surveillance, to spying, to infiltration as well as in deadly combat.

At this point most of us must have seen the so far released trailers and information on the game so it would really be preaching to choir to explain to you guys just how awesome it would be to possess an owl in order to survive the enemy outpost ahead, or to summon a jaguar so that both of us could stealthily take out an enemy picket or when things get dicey, whistle for a goddamned giant cave bear and let it wreak havoc upon the enemy ranks. Sheer poetry!

Initially I was afraid it might not be a full fledged game but more like an arcade entry such as Far Cry: Blood Dragon, which nevertheless was a very fun game, but recent release of a treasure trove of information has allayed all my fears, icing on the cake was the announcement that the world of Oros will be at lest as big as that in Far Cry 4.

Personally, I just cant wait to taste the stone age and hunt, attack, tame, avenge my heart out in that Stone Age setting.

Far Cry: Primal is coming out on February 23, 2016 on Xbox One and PS4 and a week later on Microsoft Windows.

Let us know if you’ll be picking it up day one , or not.