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Overwatch’s Progression System will Differ from World of Warcraft’s and Diablo’s

With the first phase of beta testing coming to an end for Overwatch, Blizzard will have plenty to think about with their new game. One of these is how the game’s progression system will reward players.

In the same interview with Eurogamer where Jeff Kaplan discussed microtransactions, the game director also revealed that they will be taking a look at the game’s progression system:

“Unlike World of Warcraft or Diablo, where the progression is one of the main motivating factors in those games, whether it be what your level is or your gear, Overwatch is different in that sense. We don’t want the progression system to be burdensome in the fact that it’s telling you what to do or how to play. It probably won’t be the thing that makes you decide what hero to play – in fact, we would look at that as a mistake. We also won’t reward you, in any way, with player power or anything like that. You’re not going to get better guns, or have more hit points, or become more powerful. We’re going to focus the progression system on cosmetic rewards and we think that will be a lot of fun for people.”

This may be a risk, as progression systems like the ones in World of Warcraft and Diablo can actually give an incentive for people to continue to play. I’m sure that Blizzard will be experimenting with their system for Overwatch and will provide a medium that will work with what players want from their experience. We may see this in action with the next beta, and see what the testers think of it.

The fact that there will be rewards though will still keep people invested. What will be important of course will be to keep these rewards interesting.

What type of progression system do you want to see in Overwatch? Let us know your thoughts below.