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Is It Surprising that Nintendo 3DS has Outsold Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Nintendo 3DS is a popular handheld console, and it has had very impressive sales around the world. Should we be surprised if it is has so far outsold the Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

In a recent article on GimmeGimmeGames they reveal that Nintendo think we should be surprised, by citing a quote in a press release about the handheld console:

“Nintendo 3DS is here to stay. Let me throw out a number that might surprise you. So far, on a global basis, Nintendo 3DS has sold more hardware than PS4 and Xbox One—combined. Most people find this shocking.”

When you read these press releases though you have to remember that there is a lot of hyperbole in them, this line is definitely an example of that. It also connects to the belief that Nintendo is not as successful as the “Big Two”.

The truth is though I’m sure many gamers will know Nintendo 3DS has been very successful, and has been out longer than the two current generation consoles. The fact it has been released in three revisions will also increase sales.

As the article says, Nintendo 3DS has passed 50M in sales, where PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have had around 40M combined, with predictions of hitting 50M by the end of the year. When you compare the time the Xbox One and Playstation 4 has been released to the Nintendo 3DS in its different forms, then it comes as no surprise at all.

What are your thoughts on the success of the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know below.