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Has Quantum Break Been Delayed Again?

As we reach the end of the year we start to get excited about some of the big titles coming in 2016. One of these is Quantum Break with all eyes on its release so that we can finally get to play it.

With the game being a victim of delays in the past, there will always be worries that further ones will be announced. Which is exactly what SpazioGames has reported. In their report they state that the change in date is shown on the Amazon UK site, with a change from April 4, to May 4. While this may have been true when they wrote the news piece, when I last checked the date was in fact April 4.

If the date is being changed on retailer sites, it will be interesting to find out what the reason for this is. It may have been a mistake by the site, or maybe Amazon sharing some news a little too soon. With Spazio saying that Thomas Puha, the head of public relations at Remedy Entertainment declining to comment on the rumour, it is not being shot down just yet.

With the game being delayed in the past and having such a long development time another hold up on the release won’t be popular with the Xbox One gamers eager to get their hands on this game. Revealed way back at the debut of the Xbox One, this is one of the game along with Division that should be big titles for the current generation of consoles.

Are you looking forward to Quantum Break? What are your thoughts on the rumours of a delay? Let us know your thoughts below.