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Batman: Arkham Knight December DLC Release Date Revealed

The next instalment of Season Pass DLC is heading to Batman: Arkham Knight this month. Bringing a whole assortment of enemies, it will also include the Dark Knight skin.

The announcement for the release was made on Twitter:

Revealing that the DLC will be coming December 22. GeekNuke are reporting that the DLC will include:

  • Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion
  • Mission: Beneath The Surface (Killer Croc)
  • Mission: In From the Cold (Mister Freeze)
  • Mission: Wonderland (Mad Hatter)
  • Mission: Shadow War (Ra’s Al Ghul)
  • 2008 Movie Batman Skin
  • Original Arkham Batmobile
  • Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #5
  • 6 TBC AR Challenges

From what we can see in the image shared on Twitter, this fits with everything listed above. Another interesting update is that the game will be getting heavier rain. This rain will be coming to PC in December, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One getting it in January. With the issues the PC has had with the game, it’s interesting to see that the platform will be getting an update like this first. Especially when it has the potential to impact performance.

With an interesting list of missions coming in this DLC there looks to be plenty of fun coming to the game. That is, if people are still playing it of course.

Will you be trying out this new DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight? Let us know your thoughts below.