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Xbox Store Starts Countdown to Their Winter Sales Starting December 22

Over Christmas it will be expected that many people will be opening their new Xbox Ones and looking for games to play on it. This is means that it is the perfect time for Xbox to start their sales.

Xbox have announced the start of their sales as December 22, 2015 until January 7, 2016. This was revealed on the main Xbox site. Visitors to the site will find plenty of discounts on over 200 titles, with a promise of discounts of 40-60%. This will be in the form of daily and weekly Xbox game deals.

If people can’t wait for these sales now, they can visit the site’s Sales & Specials section which already has a few available. Obviously though the biggest savings will be made when the company are trying to get the new owners to buy some digital games from their service.

It also comes as no surprise that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will also get some extra savings. This will be to entice more users to subscribe to the service, though most will already have a subscription already.

In the build up to Christmas there will be plenty of deals, not only from Microsoft. Just taking a look at our SegmentNext Deals shows this, where we put together a list of the best offers we’ve found.

While Microsoft obviously want you to buy your games digitally from them, it may be best to shop around and find some of the best savings that will be on offer over the festive season. There will be plenty around.

Will you be taking a look at some of Microsoft’s offers over Christmas? Let us know your thoughts below.