Watch Combofiend Try Out Street Fighter 5’s F.A.N.G Against Mike Ross

With the reveal of Street Fighter 5’s F.A.N.G this weekend at the PlayStation Experience we were introduced to the last new character for the launch roster. The problem was we didn’t get much of a look at how well he fought.

Today though this has changed with the video above. Featuring IGN’s associate producer Peter “Combofiend” Rosas , and Twitch’s Mike Ross we see them try out F.A.N.G and show off some of his interesting moves. With the character being second in command to Shadaloo it comes as no surprise that it is pretty dominant.

With Street Fighter 5 having its own controversy lately over R Mika’s buttslap it’s nice to get back to the more important aspects of the game. Watching the two fight, it is clear that F.A.N.G has an interesting style which is almost assassin like in his use of poison. Just how effective it is though will have to be seen.

It is obvious that F.A.N.G may divide fans as to his uses, especially with his more extravagant and eccentric style. Watching this video though which features the character going up against many different fighters there is no denying that the character is strong.

With the game releasing in February and a new beta coming December 17 anticipation for the game is going to be running high. With the game being exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC players though, Xbox One owners may feel left out. As I’m not a fan of exclusives like this, I think they have every right to feel put out by this.

Are you looking forward to getting to play Street Fighter 5? What are your thoughts on F.A.N.G? Let us know in the comments section below.