Watch 60 Minutes of XCOM 2 Gameplay Footage

While the delay of XCOM 2 may have left us waiting until February to finally get a hold of the game, this may have given the developers time to make it even better. Today many videos have been landing on the internet showing around an hour of footage from within the game.

I chose to post the one from Eurogamer, which gives not only some of the action in the game but also the strategy that comes before it. What is most important is that we get to see how the game has been improved and how good it looks.

One thing that interested me are the small details that have been added to the game. This includes your team reacting to how well their battle went as they travel on their dropship. Whether this is to react to their injuries or just feeling happy with a job well done, these are nice touches.

In the battle that we see, the level of urgency is impressive, not letting the player of the game take their time with their moves. This pushes them into making not only decisive moves but also mistakes.

It’s nice to see a fluidity to the gameplay with certain game options adapted to improve the pace of the game. The hacking also looks interesting with the chance of rewards being shown, as well as what will happen if it goes wrong.

For fans of strategy games, I’m sure everything that they see in this new XCOM 2 video makes them feel happy. Now we are reaching the end of the year, February isn’t that far away at all.

Are you looking forward to XCOM 2? Did you enjoy this new game footage? Let us know your thoughts below.