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ReCore Developers Takes Inspiration from Zelda and Metroid

ReCore may be one of the biggest titles that Micorosft releases in 2016. Feeling different than many of the other games we are seeing come to the current generation of consoles it has the potential to be something special.

In the same Verve article where Phil Spencer discussed the possibility of another Xbox console in the future game director Mark Pacini talked about the inspiration for the game:

“ReCore, at its heart, harks back to a different era in gaming,” Pacini says, “and trying to put a new spin on it, based on games that myself and Inafune-san have done in the past that aren’t really being done anymore.” He name-drops games like Metroid and Zelda as possible inspirations.

The article also makes it clear that if the game turns out feeling like a throwback to the two games, then Microsoft will have exactly what they want. I’m sure that the fans won’t see this as a bad thing either.

Later in the interview he also added that now the Kinect and Smartglass are a less of a focus for the company, he feels that development has less distractions:

“Those things just kind of get brought up less often,” says Pacini, “and all of a sudden they’re never brought up in a conversation anymore, and it has nothing to do with anybody fighting for one thing or another. It’s just a natural part of consumers responding to certain things they like or dislike about the hardware.”

Are you hoping that ReCore will be a throwback to Metroid and Zelda? Is this inspiration a positive thing? Let us know your thoughts below.