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Here’s Why You Should Play Galactic Civilizations III

The space strategy title by Stardock, Galactic Civilizations III, is up and running, and there are a number of reasons why you should be playing it right now.

It is common knowledge that the development studio behind the game packs about two decades of experience making them the right choice for creating such a game; but more than that, their experience makes the game a much more reliable option because we have all seen a title or two where the inexperience of a development studio took down an otherwise exceptional idea.

Comparing this one with the previous games in the Galactic Civilizations series, the developers are promising a pure AAA experience on top of a much bigger expanse.

Another reason why any hardcore strategy fan would love a game like this are the customization elements. Stardock offer a very mod-friendly environment for the game using which, players can not only add more races and equipment but even new ideologies and technologies in the game.

For any space based game, ship designing and customization is very important; the design tools that Galactic Civilizations III brings you are quite powerful, so much so that some of the ships that were designed by users in the Early Access beta phase actually made it to the final product.

Boasting that the game is the most diverse and probably the largest space strategy sandbox game, the developers also set forth a number of other reasons why they think the game is worth playing.

Galactic Civilizations III brings you a variety of tools to maneuver your empire building for instance, the game has diplomatic treaties, resource exchanges, United Planets resolutions, hundreds of science researches and much more.

Needless to say, the numerous possibilities when it comes to deploying the starfleets as well as designing them also adds to the depth of the game alongside a vast array of features that the game brings like planetary development, starbase construction, inter-faction negotiations and ideology.

Lastly, Galactic Civilizations III is also introduces online multiplayer with extensive leaderboards and more.