Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper DLC Release Date Revealed

Ever since the Season Pass was revealed by Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate we knew that the Jack the Ripper DLC was coming. Now though we know when the DLC will arrive.

With the latest trailer revealed by Ubisoft today we also found out that the new game content will be arriving on December 16 to Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The PC version will be available on December 22.

Looking at the trailer we see that the story will be focused on Evie Frye, who appears to have aged a few years. This comes as no surprise as to face Jack the Ripper time will have had to move on a few decades from the time Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was based on. What we actually find out is that Evie has been absent from London for about 20 years, and with her older appearance also comes some new skills that she can use to investigate the crimes of the Ripper.

From what we see the story appears to tease that the murders are being used to draw Evie out and force her to confront Jack, whoever he may be. It appears that Jacob, her brother is absent from this story; or is he? I somehow doubt (and hope) that they make Jack turn out to be Jacob, especially with the sensitive subject of Jack the Ripper himself.

In this new age of Political Correctness all eyes seem to be on how Ubisoft will handle the history of Jack the Ripper, especially the violence against women. Hopefully this won’t be yet another “controversy” for people to be outraged by. I’m sure Ubisoft will get this right though, and not venture into too much sensationalism.

Are you looking forward to the Jack the Ripper DLC? Let us know your thoughts below.