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You Will Soon be Able to Buy Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One

Hundreds of Xbox 360 games are being made available on Microsoft’s latest console through the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. This means whatever games that are available with the feature are going to be playable for free on your console if you own the game on Xbox 360.

This has given all the Xbox users a chance to replay their favorite titles from the good days again; but it has also given rise to the Xbox 360 titles being purchased by fans through the Games with Gold offers that are made regularly by Microsoft.

There is one problem in all this, though. The purchase system for Xbox 360 titles is slightly different as it requires the users too put in a payment method like a credit card.

Since many of the fans are getting their hands on the free titles that are being offered through Games with Gold, a number of Xbox One users who don’t have credit cards are having difficulty getting their hands on the titles although they want to and despite the games being free.

Now the free games are of course not going to take even a single dime out of the account, which means there should be a solution for the issue. Someone brought the attention of the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, to the problem and got a good response.

Spencer said on his official Twitter account that Microsoft knows of the request and they are already working on a solution that will allow Xbox 360 games to be directly purchasable from Xbox One itself.

It would really make sense if Microsoft allows direct purchase of the game because the console doesn’t have the same problem as Xbox 360.

However, we are not sure when this feature might get added, but keep checking back for more as we will be writing on it again.