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Phil Spencer Would be Happy to See Nintendo Games on Xbox One

With the announcement that Minecraft is finally coming to Wii U it is interesting to think how Microsoft could work with Nintendo in other ways. It’s obvious that this is on people’s minds, based on some of the questions asked of Xbox’s Phil Spencer.

These questions were raised when Phil Spencer replied to a comment about the Minecraft news:

What is interesting is that when fans were interested in getting Nintendo games onto the Xbox One, Spencer himself seemed interested in the prospect too:

This of course led to a futher question about the Rare-developed Goldeneye which was noticeably missing from Rare’s collection which was released on Xbox One:

What is interesting though is the fact that Phil Spencer says that they have worked on getting the Goldeneye game, but have failed. As there are many parties with rights on that game, it appears just too hard to work out all the issues that the release would have. I’m sure there are many other Nintendo games that Xbox fans would love to get to play though, not just Goldeneye. Whether this will ever happen will be interesting to see.

Would you like to see Goldeneye or any other Nitnendo games make it to Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts below.