PES 2016 myClub Free-to-Play Available Today on PlayStation

As promised the free-to-play PES 2016 myClub has arrived on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Konami may not be popular right now, but the chance of a free game is something that many won’t ignore.

PES 2016 myClub is downloadable now and features a stripped down version of PES. Featuring seven clubs including Bayern Munich, Juventus, AS Roman, Brazil and France. As well as myClub there is also the ability to play Exhibition Matches and the full training mode.

In myClub you are able to build up a team that features football stars and managers that you know from leagues around the world. You need to push your team to success, train them up, and make successful transfers to keep the football club strong.

New to myClub this year is a levelling up system as well as new exclusives which includes myClub legends. More importantly just as with the full version of the game this free-to-play version will get weekly updates and data packs for free.

Having tried the game out PES 2016 myClub on PlayStation 4 feels like a substantial game, not lacking in options or playability. The lack of teams is felt and there is a feel that it would be better to upgrade to the full version. With the levelling up of characters and a depth to the game it is well worth trying out.

We’ll have to see what Konami do with this free version of PES 2016, and how microtransactions are used. While we can be sure that it will be stated that it is all optional, it is obvious that Konami will want to make money from this venture.

Will you be trying PES 2016 myClub? Let us know your thoughts below.