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Destiny Sparrow Racing League Tips and Tricks

Destiny’s Sparrow Racing League is now live and if you have participated in the event, you’ll know that the competition is tough and winning pretty much takes everything you got.

You don’t need to worry at all, we have some tried and tested tips and tricks that will help you do better in the Sparrow Racing League.

Blue Gates are Your Friends

Make sure you hit as many blue gates as possible. These will give you get speed boosts but make sure you hit 3 to 4 gates consecutively, otherwise the minor boost won’t really matter.

The SRL License and Reputation is Important

Once again, the Blue gates are not only able to give you a speed boost, but they can improve SRL License like Class B, Class A. The only way to get a higher level is to hit as many gates as you can.

Kill Baby Kill

One way to do better at Sparrow Racing League is to not only focus in the race, but take down your opponents. You can do this by damaging your enemy’s Sparrow. Since you can not use weapons, you need to destroy them by making them hit a mountain or cliff. You can use the Bumper Button for this cause.

Practice Make You Perfect

Don’t ever expect to be the best from the get-go. You will need to first understand the tracks and mechanics of the Sparrow Racing League. Race as much as you can and master the tracks on Mars and Venus.

Hope these tips will help you out, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.