Destiny Exploit Allows Players to Bypass $10 Microtransaction

Exploits in games like Destiny can be fun, but when they allow bypassing of microtransactions they tend to upset people. Especially those that have already paid real-life money for them.

Reported on Kotaku a new exploit has been discovered on Destiny that revolves around the Sparrow Racing League. For a limited time players can race against each other for prizes. As part of this event an item called the SRL Record Book which can be purchased for 1,000 Silver ($10) was added to the Eververse store.

The idea of this book is that it collects all your accomplishments from the races such as finishing 25 races, and hitting 500 gates. These achievements lead to winning rewards to show off how successful you’ve been.

What’s been discovered though is that you can tick off all the achievements and collect the rewards without actually having bought the record book. This can be done on the preview screen at the Eververse store. Obviously this is useful for those who haven’t bought the book, but for those who have put real world money into this, they are obviously annoyed. They’ve let it be known too, asking for refunds from Bungie.

Bungie have announced that they are aware of the problem and are looking into fixing it:

Obviously this is a bit of a disaster for Bungie as the Sparrow Racing League has been a big event. No doubt the fix will be released soon to stop people from using the exploit.

What are your thoughts on this exploit? Should Bungie refund those who paid for the SRL Record Book? Let us know your thoughts below.