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Dark Souls 3 Special Editions Exclusive to Amazon in Germany

With the reveal of the Dark Souls 3 special editions fans all over the world will undoubtedly want to know how they can get hold of it. In Germany the details have been revealed. have revealed that the Collector’s Edition, Prestige Edition, and Apocalypse Edition will all available through exclusively. The game will be released April 12, 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To get the Apocalypse Edition, this will be free but only to people who have pre-ordered the game. The Apocalypse Edition comes with the game itself, a metal case and the official soundtrack.

With the latest footage that was revealed for the game before PSX we not only got to see some new game but also a new boss creature that you have to do battle with. Though obviously many of the creatures that we will meet in battle are going to be saved for the game’s release it is interesting to see any new footage that is available. This will also add to anticipation for the game and fuel pre-orders.

With retailers like Amazon in Germany and Game in the UK rushing to get some exclusives, it shows the popularity of Dark Souls 3 and the fact that they expect sales to be high for this one. Whether gamers will like these retailers getting the exclusives though may be another matter.

Will you be pre-ordering Dark Souls 3 to get the Apocalypse Edition or are you spending more for one of the other special editions? Let us know below.