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Counter Strike Global Offensive Gets Hong Kong Servers

Good news for all of you who are playing Counter Strike Global Offensive in the Asian territories! Valve Corporation has started to cover your countries with better server solutions.

The latest on this front is the Hong Kong server which has been launched by Valve.

If you check the background, it looks like a part of their attempt to cover the Asian regions better. Only a few weeks ago, the Japanese servers for Counter Strike Global Offensive were launched.

This is going to be a huge benefit for the fans since there are a number of players who don’t get good pings while playing in the region. Even with the Japanese servers, the players based in Hong Kong and around found it hard to avoid the lag.

Valve Corporation has not issued an official statement on the matter, but the Hong Kong servers were spotted by eagle-eyed fans who put it up on Imgur. We have shared it below as well.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

The last time when Counter Strike Global Offensive made it to the news was when Valve Corporation had to comment on the situation of betting in the community. The company announced in September that no CS GO team is going to be allowed to have a connection with any betting organizations.

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